Mom Affiliate Network - Choosing the Best Affiliate Programs

Which affiliate programs are best and how do you choose which to join?

Here are some criteria we use to determine which we like.

1. Excellent product or service -- Of course you can't send your visitors to buy a product that isn't top notch.

2. Good conversion rate -- This means that the visitors you send will be likely to buy. (Remember, a good conversion is 3% which means that about 3 of 100 will buy the product. It can by higher or lower, depending on the relevance and how much you warm up your visitor.)

3. Good commission

  • For an online product, an affiliate program with at least 25% commission (although we give preference to those that have higher!)
  • For an offline product, an affiliate program with at least 10% commission.

4. Long cookies - This is how long after you send a visitor to the site, they can buy and you'll still get credit.

5. Promotional Tools - We like affiliate programs that provide their affiliates with banners, buttons, articles, ebooks, and more ways to convert those visitors to customers.

6. Recurring commission - These are programs where you get paid month after month (or for sales made after the original sale.

7. Good stats - It's best to choose a program that offers stats that you can check. Without them, you won't know how well the program is converting for you.